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The research is conclusive – 70 per cent of mobile searching results in a call and 43 per cent of all web search-related sales conversions take place on the phone. Tracking calls is important. By using Delacon’s advanced call tracking solution, you will be able to analyse the data to gain insights into what happens before, during and after the call. You’ll be able to follow your lead’s journey from the marketing initiative and keyword search that sparked their interest, through to the phone conversation with your team and beyond.

Call data is the missing metric. By tracking inbound calls to your business you will have all the data to make fully informed decisions about your campaigns. You can analyse this information in Delacon’s portal, Google Analytics and other software platforms that you’re currently using.

In addition, you can utilise the sophisticated features associated with our solution to manage callers in a way that most benefits your business. Route calls based on the caller’s postcode or transfer the prospect to the nearest store depending on where they’re telephoning from. The ability to record the conversation is of significant benefit to companies that regularly train their staff and endeavour to maintain superior levels of quality.

Delacon’s solution will give you the complete picture so that you can more effectively optimise marketing campaigns and streamline budgets to maximise the return on investment.

With Delacon’s call tracking solution you will know the:

  • Time, date, length and result of calls
  • Geographical location of calls
  • Telephone number of the caller (unless withheld)
  • Answering point telephone number
  • Device the caller used to find to your website (eg iPhone, Firefox)
  • The internet service provider of the device the caller used
  • Number of calls per web source
  • Online browsing activity leading up to the call
  • Keywords used by the caller to find your website
  • Referring URL
  • The call outcome such as whether it was a sale and the sale value.

Benefits of Call Tracking

  • Follow the entire customer journey from online search through to offline call inquiry
  • Match calls to the marketing initiative (both online and offline) that drove the inquiry
  • Identify online marketing channels and search keywords that yield high value phone leads
  • Identify online marketing channels and search keywords that yield high value phone sales
  • Confidently optimise marketing campaigns and channels with complete knowledge
  • Confidently route calls from online search to the most appropriate sales team

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